Vocations — Prefer Nothing Whatever to Christ

Mission Statement

The Missionary Sisters of St. Benedict was founded in 1917 in the Ukraine, by Mother Hedwig Josephine Kulesza. The Congregation received papal approval under His Holiness John Paul II on November 1, 1979. The spirituality of the Congregation is developed on the Rule of St. Benedict, which reflects the perfect Word of God contained in Sacred Scripture. In accordance with our Rule: May they prefer nothing whatever to Christ (Rule of Benedict—RB 72, 11), the Sisters, following the example of our Mother Foundress, cherish with a special devotion the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the abode of God’s love for us. Imitating Jesus in His zeal for the glory of the Father, in conformity with the Benedictine motto Ora et Labora (Pray and Work) the Sisters praise God in the Liturgy and every kind of work. Our Apostolate consists mainly of the education of youth by teaching the Catechism and proclaiming the Gospel.

Qualifications for Entry

Postulants receive white veils upon becoming novices, and professed sisters are given black veils.

A single Catholic woman who fulfills the following conditions may be accepted to the Congregation: has a good intention and truly seeks God (RB 58, 7); has proper physical and mental health; has a good character and sufficient maturity; has completed at least 18 years of life and basic education; has not passed her 35th year of life; shows definite characteristics of a vocation to our Congregation; and is not bound by any canonical impediment.

Formation program

Prefer nothing whatever to Christ.

Women discerning a religious vocation to the Community are encouraged to visit the Sisters for the Liturgy of the Hours, participate in Holy Mass, and volunteer their work in the apostolate. When a decision has been made, the Candidate spends two weeks living at the Convent before entering the Postulancy.

The one-year Postulancy is a discernment and preparation time for religious life consisting in basic catechetical instruction and lived experience within the Community. Qualified candidates are admitted into the two-year Novitiate and become familiar with the Congregation’s spirituality through the study of the Rule of St. Benedict and the Constitutions during this intense time of prayer and preparation for life in the School of the Lord’s Service (RB, Prologue 45). The Juniorate consists of five years of temporary vows by a life of the Evangelical Counsels while serving God in the apostolate and furthering their study. The Final Profession of Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience to God is made after five years and seals the Sister’s gift of self to God and His Church.

Age range

Postulants must be 18 – 35 years of age.