Guardian Angel Preschool & Day Care Center

Mission Statement

Angels are our protectors and shepherds (Catechism of the Catholic Church, N. 336).

Guardian Angel Preschool & Day Care Center is a not-for profit organization dedicated to high quality child care and preschool programs while providing the community with a safe and spiritual Catholic Christian environment.

The Center is under the care of the Missionary Sisters of St. Benedict, in Oak Forest, and is located at 5900 W. 147th St., Oak Forest, Illinois 60452.

Our Mission Goals

  • To foster prayer, Christian values, caring, and respect in a spiritual environment
  • To provide the community with a safe, loving and nurturing environment
  • Promoting creativity in a fun environment
  • High quality curriculum
  • To promote safety, nutrition, and health
  • Reading and writing literacy
  • To create opportunities for physical development

Curriculum / Philosophy

Emphasis is on Positive Learning Experiences.

Our curriculum is centered around the philosophy of focusing on the process of learning. We have designed our program with the emphasis on Positive Learning Experiences.

In this way, we maximize the growth of each child. Toddlers and young children have their own ideas, thoughts, gifts, likes, and dislikes.

The staff helps to guide each child in unfolding their own path of exploration, creativity, and growth. In doing so and by choosing appropriate activities according to each child’s possibilities, healthy growth development occurs as a result of Positive Learning Experiences, rather than any so-called end product.

For example, learning about painting and enjoying the activity is far more important for the child than what has been painted. It is the process that is important — not the product. We promote Positive Learning Experiences!

The center's playground.