Guardian Angel Preschool & Day Care Center

Classroom Activities

Fostering prayer, Christian Values, caring and respect.

Our classroom activities are centered on the following goals:

  • Fostering prayer, Christian Values, caring, and respect in a spiritual environment.
  • Understanding and respect for cultural differences through role modeling, reading, plays, and special “culture days.”
  • Math, science, reading, memory skills, language development, social science, art, music, dramatic play, and sports activities.
  • Increase attention span, creativity, and following simple directions.
  • Stimulate and encourage curiosity and provide opportunities for problem solving.
  • Develop gross motor skills in our outdoor play area through climbing, riding tricycles, running, and other sports and games.
  • Develop fine motor skills in classroom activities using scissors, clay, paste, puzzles, blocks, paints, and other craft items.

The Staff

  • Experienced, Certified Sisters
  • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • English, Polish, and Spanish Languages

Experienced, certified sisters.