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100th Anniversary

The Missionary Sisters of St. Benedict are

That in All Things,
God May be Glorified

The Missionary Sisters of St. Benedict, in Oak Forest Illinois, is a religious institute in the Catholic Church, ratified by the Holy See, in which each sister strives for perfect love of God and neighbor through the way of professed evangelical counsels — Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience.

Following in the footsteps of our Mother Foundress, Mother Hedwig Kulesza, and the tradition of our Congregation, the sisters engage in the following forms of Apostolic works:

  • Education and care of children and youth, especially those, who because of various reasons, are deprived of care. The community operates the Guardian Angel Preschool & Day Care Center at its community Oak Forest, Illinois.
  • Catechizing and preparation of the Holy Sacraments. The sisters help local parishes and schools teach the truths of the Catholic faith to children and adults
  • Teaching and guiding girls and women, and including them in apostolic and charitable works.
  • Distribution of altar bread (communion hosts)
  • Providing food, clothes, and spiritual support to poor families
  • Serving as a center for Catholic Groups

Striving for "perfect love"

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